SUPER ONE Round 1 Rowrah

SUPER ONE Round 1 Rowrah

Bumper-To-Bumper As Usual

The practice at Rowrah leading into the first round saw Joseph stamping his mark on the weekend, putting in very fast times in each of the practice sessions, setting the fastest lap in nearly all of the sessions. This pace continued through to Saturday where Joseph qualified on pole to start the heats.

1st heat – with Joseph starting on pole they headed for the first corner with a rolling start, but he was hit from behind and although becoming airborne for a brief second, managed to get straight back into it and with his team mate pushing from behind, got through and Joseph took the lead on lap 3, which he held, to secure the win with a 2.44 second lead over the chasing pack.

2nd heat – again started on pole, led the race for the first 3 laps, was overtaken on the fourth lap but, using his head, decided to push away and pulled a huge gap between the front two and the rest of the grid, finishing the heat in second place, nearly five seconds in front which secured pole position for Final 1 on Sunday.

Final 1 – started on pole and led the race, dropped to 3rd for two laps, then made a move back up into the lead, again with a team mate making a push to break away from the chasing pack, led the race until the last lap where he defended well, but not quite well enough in the second hairpin which meant 2nd place driver just got through to take the win.

Joseph had set the fastest lap in Final l and would start Final 2 on P2.

Final 2 – Got a fantastic start and went straight into the lead on the chicane (the first corner of the race), but, unlike in Final 1 didn’t get the break needed to push away at the front of the field. It was a very close race throughout – for a large chunk of the race there was a train of 11 karts nose-to-tail.

Positions at the front changed around a few times and then Joseph got up into 2nd and began pushing his team mate in front in an attempt to break the pack; it was very close racing and the race win was easily in Joseph’s grasp as he maintained P2 for the majority of the race, waiting for the opportunity to take the lead.

Unfortunately the race was red flagged due to an accident and stopped on lap 10 at a point where Joseph was sitting 4th. There is some discussion going on with the organisers over “count back” on laps, so 4th may well turn into 2nd!

Joseph again set the fastest lap, at 54.90, but his TQ result of 54.77 remained the event record for the weekend.