HIGH drama at LGM Round 1

HIGH drama at LGM Round 1

LITTLE GREEN MAN Round 1 at PF International

Saturday 3rd April saw the first heat of the Little Green Man 2016 national championship, kicking off at PF International.

The heat started on slicks after mixed conditions from early morning, with Joseph starting in 18th position (in their three heats competitors start randomly in the first/second/third sectors decided by ballot).

A very competent drive resulted in a creditable fifth place at the chequered flag.

Next up, in heat 2, the ballot produced a start dead last on the grid at 33, with quite a lot of work to do, to say the least – but it could only get better!

And indeed it did get better, a whole lot better, as Joseph stormed through the field to record a quite remarkable 3rd place but then disaster struck – a summons to the steward’s office resulted in exclusion from the heat for an alleged green flag infringement – after a “safety car” period, he was deemed to have had his front wheels ahead of the competitor in front’s rear wheels before the green flag fell.
An appeal was lodged, but then had to be withdrawn immediately in order to start in the 3rd heat, where Joseph was on pole position, as the stewards stated that he could not race whilst an appeal was in place.

Heat 3 went exactly according to plan, a flag-to-flag victory.

The final is the aggregation of the heat finishes, so 15th was the grid position, meaning there was a lot to do.

A determined effort resulted in a 4th place finish, along the way setting a fastest lap of 1:07.48, which also proved to be the event record, so all in all, not a bad performance.

Joseph came away from the 1st round in 3rd place in the championship, thanks to his fastest lap.