WATCH Now: Kartmasters 2016

WATCH Now: Kartmasters 2016

MSA Kartmasters British Grand Prix

As featured in Karting Magazine, Telemundi Media (who cover the Rotax Max Euro Challenge and X30 Euro Series) filmed the MSA Kartmasters British Kart Grand Prix this year.

This means we are able to let all of #TeamTaylor watch Joseph compete in what was an outstanding event giving both Joseph and Fusion Motorsport excellent results.

Synergy Racing Developments were also very pleased with the results, posting this on their Facebook wall:

Trent Valley Kart Club posted a congratulations bulletin listing the following results:

IAME ‘GP’ WINNER:     Zak O’Sullivan
Zak wins the GP plates, £1000 cash, a Vroom Magazine Subscription (courtesy of Vroom) and a McLaren T-Shirt (courtesy of McLaren)

IAME 2nd:     Harry Thompson  (wins £750 cash)

IAME 3rd:      Bray Kenneally  (wins £450 cash)

IAME 4th:       Maxwell Dodds  (wins £350 cash)

IAME 5th:       Joseph Taylor  (wins £300 cash)

IAME 6th:       Joshua Rattican  (wins £275 cash)

IAME 7th:       Coskun Irfan  (wins £250 cash)

IAME 8th:       Taylor Barnard  (wins £200 cash)

IAME 9th:       Jonny Wilkinson  (wins £150 cash)

IAME 10th:     Wesley Mason  (wins £125 cash)


A bit about Telemundi:

Telemundi use live roaming cameras to stream events across YouTube adding in pre recorded footage to entertain viewers during breaks.

What Karting Magazine said:

Apart from a internet problem out of their control on Friday, the stream was a huge success with 7,000 people tuning in on Saturday and 10,000 on Sunday! Here are the Pre Finals and Finals from Sunday, with commentator Henry Beaudette

You can read Karting Magazine’s race report here.


Watch the Pre-Final & the Final




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