More points for Taylor in Little Green Man series

More points for Taylor in Little Green Man series


Forest Edge, UK

21st August 2016

Saturday testing in the Little Green Man Championship started in the wet with Joseph proving hard to match, putting in faster times than anyone by a good margin; then onto slicks for 5 more sessions on a track that was windy and dry, but proving tricky, with the start line leading straight into a series of tight corners.

Heat 1

Random grids for heats is the rule for LGM (no qualifying) so Heat 1 on Sunday brought a mid-pack start on a wet track but Joseph quickly cut through to the front in difficult conditions, crossing the line with seconds to spare.

Little Green Man Round 5
Battling through the pack

Heat 2

Heat 2 saw a much better starting position of P5, however after 2 restarts due to various incidents a heavy punt from behind shunted Joseph on top of the kart in front of him at a 45 degree angle, then as they were both heading towards the grass another hit dislodged the 2 karts but this left him 8 seconds behind with a mountain to climb in an 8 minute heat – however he managed to pick off a few karts and finished up 20th. 

Little Green Man Round 5
Through the crowd

Heat 3

Heat 3 was a back of the grid start and an eventual 9th place was the best that could be managed with a frantic dash to the finish line denying him 4 places further up with a squad of karts looking like they all crossed the line together. The combination of 1st, 20th and 9th produced a P10 starting position for the final.

LGM Round 5

The Final

Starting P10 was not great but workable with a good start and this was achieved,  Joseph managing 4th place by the end of lap one, but left with a gap between himself and 3rd place and then a larger gap to the two front runners who, although on opposing teams, had worked out it would be best to work together to keep ahead the chasing pack!

From lap one it turned into a stale-mate with all drivers stuck in position lap after lap with not a lot changing, although Joseph was consistently fast and held fastest lap right until lap 17, edging towards 3rd place by 2 tenths per lap.

The gap proved to be too much in the timeframe and he had to settle for 4th, but a decent points haul firmed up his 2nd place overall in the National LGM championship with 4 rounds still to go.

LGM round 5