Taylor maintains position in Little Green Man series

Taylor maintains position in Little Green Man series


Rowrah, Cumbria

28th/29th August 2016

Saturday practice saw beautiful sunshine and a cloud free sky for most of the day which allowed some good testing where Joseph demonstrated his knowledge of the track and equipment by setting consistently fast lap times, with his competitors working hard to match his times during the course of the day.

Rowrah, Little Green Man

Round 6  

Sunday’s racing kicked off with a 4th in heat 1, with fastest laps in the 2nd & 3rd heats, but being knocked off twice meant the starting position for the final would not be what was hoped for.

Although shuffled back to 12th place at the start of the final, Joseph’s pace and determination (making some gutsy manoeuvres and slicing through the traffic) brought him right through to take the lead, only to be nudged off in the penultimate lap and dropped back to 6th. 

Last lap brought a climb back up to 5th, narrowly missing out on the fastest lap, but  still produced a decent points haul with close rivals finishing behind.

Little Green Man, Rowrah

Round 7

Monday morning brought rain for practice but, as the day went on the rain that was forecast (and hoped for by Joseph) didn’t materialise.  The three heats brought a 2nd, 8th & 6th place finish, but some doubts over the equipment meant an engine swap and some set-up adjustments were made.

The heats’ results had secured a 4th place start for the final, just ahead of where all of the collisions in the first chicane had happened in every race that weekend.

Watch the collision in the final here.

After a difficult start and not being able to get as far forward as he’d like, Joseph quickly found his form and moved up from 6th place through the front pack, at which point a team mate made a mistake, running Joseph off the track at the cliff face corner costing valuable time and positions.

Undaunted,  Joseph fought back again and got onto the back of second place, pulling some other drivers along until they were catching the leader, when a defensive move by the leader at the second hairpin backed everybody up enough to lose pace and position once again. Being a 15 lap final, Joseph was able to regain his momentum and set the fastest lap of the race, finishing a creditable 3rd place.

Trophy, Little Green Man, Rowrah