Hit & Run at Home of Champions

Hit & Run at Home of Champions

X30 Euro Series 2017

Genk Belgium 23 Mar – 26 Mar

The last weekend in March saw Joseph travel to Belgium to compete in the first round of the X30 Euro Series. The opener was held at Genk, affectionately referred to as the ‘home of champions’ due to the likes of Button, Schumacher and the Verstappens competing and winning here over the years.

Joseph competed in his Fullerton chassis under the number 44 – where have we seen this before? Joseph – the youngest on the grid – put in very impressive times in the lead up to the heats finishing second overall in qualifying practice on the Friday.

Heat 1

Joseph set some dominating lap times and battled the pack to finish a respectable 4th.

Heat 2

With competition heating up, Joseph was edged down to 5th, however his lap times were still very competitive.

Heat 3

The final heat, Joseph starting in 2nd was geared up for an impressive run but, dissaster struck in the first corner. A coming together by drivers on the apex created a domino effect ending with young Taylor on the outside. Heavy damage was sustained and a frustrated Taylor had to nurse the kart home.


Joseph started 10th on the grid in the pre-final and after some strong defensive work was able to maintain his position throughout.


All weekend Joseph had shown a strong pace, more than holding his own against drivers up to 3 years older than him. Not deterred by the earlier collision, he was ready to put in a good race. Again in the first corner drivers came together but this time Jospeh was able to react, he kept well away from the chaos taking a detour on to the outside grass but this dropped him down 10 places. A valiant effort and bold overtaking – reminiscent of another number 44 driver –  allowed him to make up 9 places finishing in 11th.

A respectable opening round, great development for Joseph, racing against the best 12 – 15 year olds in Europe.

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