Penalties & Prizes in LGM Bank Holiday Double Header

Penalties & Prizes in LGM Bank Holiday Double Header

Still at the top, but only just.

Little Green Man Tour | Round 6 & 7 | 27th & 28th August 2017

Bank holiday, Joseph headed to Rowrah in Cumbria for back-to-back rounds of the Little Green Man tour. He had mixed fortunes in his last LGM outing, but entered this weekend still at the top of the table. With only three rounds to go Joseph needed a good weekend to set himself up for a championship win in the final later this year.

Round 6

Saw a good start to the weekend, finishing second in the first timed qualifying. It was clear early on that this weekend was going to be highly competitive, with the front runners all offering up similar times.

Heat 1 was a great result for Joseph, crossing the line first and only a couple of hundredths off the pace of the fastest lap winner.

Heat 2 was another top 3 finish but still Joseph was unable to get that elusive fastest lap.

The Final

A consistent performance in the heats had lined him up in second place on the grid for the final and great start got him up to first in the opening lap, maintaining this position for nine of the fifteen laps before briefly losing the position. However he kept his wits about him when dropping the place, and kept on the tail of the front runner. This allowed him to steal the place back in lap twelve and maintained it to cross the line and get the victory!

A great start to the weekend, now it was time to repeat it all on Bank Holiday Monday.

Round 7

The success of the previous day had obviously inspired Joseph as in the morning practice he was fastest in all three sectors and finally achieved that elusive fastest lap.

In Heat 1  he was fast again, making up seven places from his starting position to finish third.

In Heat 2 Joseph again set impressive times, although he achieved the fastest lap and finished second, a penalty for an ‘incorrectly positioned front fairing’ dropped him down to tenth place.

Heat 3 was a much better result, making up fifteen places to cross the line in second and again achieved the fastest lap.

The Final

Joseph lined up in fourth for the final and had a relatively uneventful start, maintaining his position until lap three where he was able to move up to second.

He followed the leader until, in lap nine, he was able to pick his moment and take the lead. Now it was time to try and hold off the pack.

He managed this well for a couple of laps but conceded the place in lap twelve. The last lap was tight with first, third and fourth all swapping positions but Joseph was able to hold on to his second place.

However, another ten second penalty for an ‘incorrectly positioned front fairing’ dropped Joseph down to seventh.

Joseph is still top of the points table with a gap of two points heading in to the championship final in October at PF International. However, rules dictate that everyone must drop their worst result, so currently this gives Joseph a one point lead in the tour. 

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