No Fireworks for Team Taylor this 5th November

No Fireworks for Team Taylor this 5th November

What could have been…

​Paul Fletcher International Circuit | 5th November 2017

Joseph headed back to PFi this weekend to compete in the final round of the TVKC Championship. Although he wasn’t expected to win the championship, not competing in every round due to other race commitments this year, including representing Great Britain in the CIK FIA Academy Trophy, he was still after a wining performance. 

Trent Valley KC Club Championship

Starting the weekend in usual form – posting the fastest time in the weekend’s opening practice session, this was to be the story of the weekend. Up against twenty other competitors, Joseph was the only driver on a Fullerton kart.

Qualifying saw a very respectable time posted that brought a fourth place, with less than a second separating the top thirteen drivers. It was clear that Joseph was going to have to work hard for the victory.

Work hard is exactly what he did. Starting fifth for Heat 1 Joseph dropped two places in the opening lap. Undeterred he kept his head and focused on staying with the pack. By the next lap however he had dropped another two places, so things were not looking good, but continued to battle and by lap five he had regained his starting position.  This continued and crossing the line on the penultimate lap, he was side-by-side with the heat leader, then, thanks to an expert move finished the final lap in first.

Started in fifth for the second heat, full of confidence following the prior win, Joseph got a much better start this time and propelled himself up into second place by lap two, making his move in the next lap to become race leader. With the positions behind him swapping places, he was able to defend his lead well. For the last four laps he only had one contender close enough to challenge for the lead, but tenacious driving gave Joseph another heat win and pole for the final.

Trent Valley KC Club Championship

The Final

Joseph held his position into the first corner and set about defending his lead, successfully holding this for eleven laps out of the thirteen lap race, with the same kart right behind him, closing all the way but unable to take the lead from.

In the penultimate lap the third placed competitor made a move and overtook both Joseph and second place. Surrounded, Joseph was pushed back down to fourth place unable to regain his lead as the race concluded.

Positions would later re-shuffle following the tightly fought final laps with the race leader, with Joseph suffering a penalty for an incorrectly positioned front fairing.

The pace was there for a victory all weekend, but frustratingly no fireworks, his final position after the penalty was fifteenth.