Taylor hits the top

Taylor hits the top

LGM at Kimbolton | 9th & 10th June

Joseph headed to Kimbolton this weekend to compete in the 3rd round of the LGM series, entering the weekend 2nd in the championship following two strong outings, but yet to take home a race victory. We’re happy to tell you all that changed at the weekend!

Taylor wins at Kimbolton

Up against a field of 30 competitive drivers Joseph set to work, immediately posting the fastest time in practice, with the heats another impressive performance. Lining up in 15th for the first heat, by the end of lap 1 up four places on a charge which continued to the flag and brought an outstanding 1st place finish.  Heat 2 began in 2nd, with only the need to pass one kart and hold on and this was achieved on lap 5, holding the position to the end. Heat 3 was perhaps the most impressive performance, starting dead last (the heat starting positions are randomly generated) then making another unbelievable charge to improve by a jaw-dropping 21 places.

Joseph Taylor LGM Trophy

The Final

Joseph’s impressive run in the heats would line him up right at the front for the final. All he had to do was hold on to the position, however in karting this is no easy task as the karts behind would benefit from both a “tow”, (from the kart in front) and a “push”, (from the kart behind).

The key would be to build up a gap so that the karts behind wouldn’t get the tow, and that’s exactly what happened. By the end of lap 13 he was over a second ahead of the chasing pack, but then the karts behind began to work together to push each other and close the gap and with two laps to go they had managed to reduce the gap to 2 tenths of a second.

Joseph, however, demonstrated some tremendous defending, holding off the challenge to cross the line in 1st and take the victory, putting him on top of the championship table.

Next up is Forest Edge on the 24th of June, again in the LGM series. Joseph will certainly be heading there filled with renewed confidence.

Pictures by – Kartpix.net