Nosecone Nightmare for Taylor

Nosecone Nightmare for Taylor

Joseph Taylor Rowrah LGM

LGM at Rowrah | 7th & 8th July

Heading into round 5 of the LGM Championship at Rowrah last weekend Joseph was the occupier of the top spot in the points table – despite only one race victory in the season. As is well understood in motorsport, consistency is key to winning championships and Joseph has repeatedly put himself at the sharp end, maintaining the lead in the series. As we head into the second half of the season, the plan is to now start building a comfortable gap between himself and his competitors. You may not be aware, but at the end of the season all of the points are totalled up, and every competitor effectively ‘drops’ their worst result. This means out of the 8 rounds, your 7 best results are your points total.

The ideal scenario is to have 8 consistently strong points hauls, eliminating the risk of losing positions in the championship when your worst result is removed. One bad result however is equally not a problem as that one can be dropped. However, sustaining a bad result means the remainder of your weekends need to be strong to ensure you can maintain your position in the championship table.

Unfortunately, Joseph’s bad result came this weekend resulting in the pressure now being on for a strong finish in the remaining 3 races.

Joseph Taylor Mechanic
Joseph and mechanic Tyrone

Rowrah in Cumbria is the closest thing to a ‘home race’ and it’s a circuit that Joseph is very familiar with. This showed in the build up to the final with a dominating performance in every heat. Free practice, heat 1 and heat 2 would see a victory followed by a hugely impressive charge to 5th from 17th in the final heat of the day prior to the final.

The Final

Setting off in first place a gap soon began to form between our boy at the front and the rest of the pack. It took until lap 10 before Tom Edgar behind could make a challenge. After swapping positions briefly the lead was still held at lap 17. With 3 laps to go Tom edged ahead with Joseph hot on his heels. Lining up a move to overtake however, Joseph missed an early brake from Tom and hit his kart, dropping his nose cone. This resulted in a warning flag and a penalty. 2nd would be the finishing result but the 10 second penalty applied moved this to 8th.

Joseph remains top of the table with pressure now heightened for the remaining races. Next up is Whilton Mill on 29th July.