Taylor Triumphs!

Taylor Triumphs!

But don’t let the headline deceive, things were not all plain-sailing in the LGM Final. 

As Team Taylor rolled into PF International kart circuit in Grantham this weekend for the final round of the LGM Championship, confidence was high. As long as young Taylor did not receive a disqualification in the final, the championship title was his.

LGM Championship Final at PFi

Qualifying & Heats

Qualifying went well as did the heats – nothing too dramatic, but enough to keep out of trouble (narrowly avoiding a pile up in turn 1 from battling karts behind) and still attain a strong starting position for the final. 4th on the grid, now to bring the kart home safely!

LGM Championship Final at PFi

The Final

With the rest of the positions in the championship still up for grabs, it was clear from the get go every karter would be fighting hard for position throughout the race. Joseph held his starting position throughout lap one but was soon under attack from the drivers behind. By lap 4 he was in 6th position but hanging on to the pack ahead. A couple of very impressive moves had him back to 4th by lap 10. It was clear he had strong pace and took 2 karts in 1 move on the next lap. With only 3 laps to go the lead was his! Needless to say we were all very excited as we witnessed some awesome defensive driving to hold onto the position.

In the final lap the kart behind made one last attacking move to take 1st. But Joseph closed the gap and as the attacking kart tried his move he clipped Joseph’s bumper with his front wheels. Joseph was free to cross the line and claim the victory. The story unfortunately would not end there………


As Joseph returned to celebrate with the rest of Team Taylor a summons to the Steward’s office was heard over the tannoy. We were all nervous and confused as to what the summons could mean.

The race officials described the defensive move in the final lap as driving in a manner incompatible with general safety. The penalty for such an infringement is 1 lap penalty or exclusion from the race, although exclusions are reserved for repeat offenders.

Joseph was given a 1 lap penalty, stripping him of his race win, but fortunately not the championship title. A bitter-sweet result from a well driven weekend.

LGM Championship Final at PFi

Thank You!

As we now head into the winter season and plans are made for the 2019 campaign, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Without family, friends, sponsors and supporters the championship win could never have been achieved. Joseph and his team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone. He would also like to say thank you to coach and kart supplier Terry Fullerton, for his invaluable advice and support.