Suffering at Shenington

Suffering at Shenington

Shenington British Championship

British Karting Championship Rounds 3 & 4

Shenington 10 May – 12 May 2019

Looking to put the difficult start to the series behind him, Joseph headed to Shenington full of confidence for a fresh weekend of racing. 

Round 3 – Saturday 11 May 2019

Unfortunately the gremlins of the opening weekend returned with more struggles in the first qualifying of the weekend. Although finishing 6th in his group, when the groups were merged this was reduced further to 10th. 

In the first Heat of the day Taylor was able to make up 2 places to finish 5th. The second Heat would see him make up 3 places to finish 4th, culminating in a 5th place start for the final. Not where he had hoped to be, but still high enough up the pack to make a charge for the lead. 

The Final was a disappointing affair. Struggling for pace Joseph would find himself down in 9th place by the close of the first lap. And although he managed to make a couple of places up throughout the race he struggled to hold on to them, with 2 laps to go he was 8th. To add insult to injury kart troubles and a battling pack would send him to the back and he would finish dead last. 

Round 4 – Sunday 12 May 2019

The battle for pace continued into Sunday’s qualifying. A 10th place finish in his group and 17th overall out of 41 drivers – no where near where his ability suggests he should be. 

In the first heat, 3 places where made up to finish 9th but a repeat of the problems suffered in Saturday’s final would put Joseph dead last again in his second heat. 

Starting 27th in the Final meant that there was very little to do other than push as hard as possible and see where he would end up. With the kart still not performing exactly how it should be, Joseph absolutely out-drove his equipment to make up a hugely impressive 17 places and cross the line in 10th. Unfortunately this was little comfort to a frustrated racer who felt that an under-performing kart in the first two weekends of the British Championship had prevented him from challenging for wins.

Next in the British Championship calendar is Larkhall on the 7th – 9th June. Joseph is currently 13th in the Championship Standings.