Signing with Strawberry

Signing with Strawberry

Joseph Taylor Strawberry Racing

Young Master Taylor began the 2019 season with Coles Racing – a team with multiple championship titles to its name. Although a match made in heaven on paper, Joseph felt that his results had not been reflective of his ability. 

With points so crucial in every round it was felt that a change earlier in the season rather than later would be the best course of action. Motorsport – although a technical sport – will always be influenced by a human element and it was decided mutually – and respectively – that Team Taylor and Coles would part ways after a difficult Round 3 and 4 in the British Championship. 

Team Taylor would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Coles Racing for their support and wish them the very best in their future endeavours. 

Looking good in Red, White and Green

With the decision made to drive with a new team, the next decision would be – whom with. Despite an uncharacteristic poor start to the season it was still clear to all  that Joseph had strong pace. This was evident in the plethora of offers put Joseph’s way from teams wishing to have him join. However, for Team Taylor there was only one direction, and after some quick negotiations – Round 2 of the IAME Euro Series was just around the corner – Taylor suited up in the iconic Red, White and Green overalls of Strawberry Racing. 


“I’m really excited to be heading to Italy with Strawberry Racing” 

“I know it’s been a difficult start, but I’m looking forward to putting that behind me and getting the results I feel I’m capable of and moving forward.”

Warwick Ringham, Strawberry Racing’s Team Manager:

“Joseph is clearly a talented racer and we’re really looking forward to having him in the team. He’s very articulate in describing his kart’s performance on track, thus allowing us to make quick improvements and his expertise and experience will be a valuable asset in the team awning.“

Joseph will head to Castelletto, Genoa, Italy for Round 2 of the IAME Euro Series, 23rd – 26th May.

He currently sits 5th in the Championship.