A Championship Weekend of Two Halves

A Championship Weekend of Two Halves

Last weekend Team Taylor headed out one of Joseph’s favourite tracks to compete in rounds 7 and 8 of the British Karting Championships.

After a somewhat troubled last outing in the series – Joseph’s steering broke in the round 6 final – the team were looking to put that behind them and build on what has been historically a successful track for Joseph. Especially as just one week before Joseph had tested there with excellent results and great pace showing.

Rowrah Cumbria Karting

Round 7 – Saturday

The weekend got off to a great start with pole position by almost half a second in qualifying. This was then followed up by a 2nd place finish in the opening heat – only to be relegated to a 10th place finish following a penalty for a dropped nosecone. The penalty was sustained by some controversial racing from the kart ahead – but not a disaster for the weekend as it was clear Joseph was quick.

However frustrations continued in the second heat when the chain broke on the 3rd lap forcing an early retirement. This put Jospeh in a starting position of 24th out of a field of 36 for the Final – a real mountain ahead to climb!

In a hugely impressive charge an outstanding 20 places were made up in the final as Joseph carved his way through the pack. A few more laps and the result may have been even higher with the pace Joseph was showing – he set the fastest lap time as he made his way to the front runners.

After another kart failure this impressive result really was needed.

Round 8 – Sunday

We’re happy to report that Sunday really was a different affair. While Lewis Hamilton was storming his way to another British Grand Prix victory Joseph was demonstrating similarly impressive dominance. Wait, have we seen this before – Click Here.

Joseph would qualify 2nd and follow this up with a 1st place finish in both of his heats. The later would be won with over a 7 second gap to kart behind – a lifetime in motorsport.

In the final Joseph just couldn’t be touched, a lights to flag victory moved Joseph up to 6th in championship with 4 rounds to go and everything to play for.