Formula Kart Stars 1st
LGM Series 4th
Super One Series 6th
SKUSA 14th


LGM Series 2nd
Super One Series 2nd
Kartmasters 5th
0 Plate 6th


LGM Series 2nd
0 Plate 2nd
CIK FIA Academy Trophy 6th
Kartmasters 6th

Joseph began his racing career at the age of seven. Turning eight saw Joseph reach the age where he could obtain his MSA licence and race all around the country. He competed in the well-known Little Green Man Series, finishing 15th out of 68 drivers over the season, racing experienced drivers up to thirteen years old. This continued to be the story as Joseph’s career progressed, he often found himself the youngest on the grid, undeterred and ready to impress.

Impress he did, competing in both the Super One Series and the LGM Joseph began to get noticed putting in some excellent results.

He continued to improve and in 2015 he won the Formula Karts Stars Cadet Championship with two rounds to spare. Notable past winners of this event included Joseph’s hero Lewis Hamilton. He was presented his trophy for this championship by the man himself cementing him as a young star to watch.


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During the start of 2017 Joseph made two quite radical moves, changing teams and simultaneously moving to the racing kart being manufactured by Joseph’s mentor and long term supporter, Terry Fullerton.

With the quick change of class Joseph got a late entry into the first round of the LGM series to race in the new Mini X30 class. Without any prior testing or preparation he arrived at the track early on Saturday morning and was immediately the fastest on track, this pace continued throughout the day and into the first heat on Saturday afternoon. His pace would continue throughout the season and Joseph achieved second place in the championship. Second place in a championship class that was completely new to him this year is a hugely impressive result, giving great foundations for a successful 2018.

Another stand-out experience for Joseph this year was being selected by the MSA to represent Great Britain in in the prestigious three-round Academy Trophy which saw Joseph compete in Belgium, France and Finland against the best 12 to 14 year olds in the world.

Joseph Joins Manor

The biggest news of 2017 came with the announcement that Joseph had been selected to be the first driver to be signed to the Manor Official Driver Programme. Graeme Lowdon, who lives in Corbridge, Northumberland, and is President and Sporting Director of Manor, explained that the Manor Official Driver Programme is a new way to guide young, talented drivers through a difficult business, providing them with a route map to better understand and cope in a tough environment.

Taylor Joins Manor Racing

Graeme, who worked in F1 for six years, added: “We have chosen Joseph to join the Manor Official Driver Programme because it’s clear he can drive, you can see that from his karting results.

“What’s more impressive is how Joseph applies himself to the task. Manor has worked with some exceptional drivers over the years and there are certain qualities that all these drivers have in common and Joseph has many of those qualities.“

Joseph said: “To be chosen for the Manor Official Driver Programme is a very big thing; it’s a real privilege and huge step forward for me because it could be the start of a big career. I’ll grasp this opportunity and make the most of it.

“I am really excited to be working with the same people who have worked with Lewis Hamilton and other F1 drivers in the past. It gives me the confidence to show I could do as well as them.“

2018 Season

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LGM Championship Final at PFi